The start of my tech adventure in Penang

I can't recall the actual dates. It all happened when I learnt of a free blackberry 10 (BB10) cascade workshop late 2012, at USM Penang over the weekends. I do not know anything about BB10 'native' or Cascade until the event. From HTML5 (webworks), I tried working on my TripLogger app using Cascade and QML. […] Read more »

Business card

This business card design was just sent for printing. Mentioned about the source of the logo. The price breakdown? 1. Printing - MYR $30 for 200 pieces. 2. Logo - USD5 *Download full sized PDF. Read more »

Tough decision

Been through a couple of these situations, the theme seemed to be repeating. Let's have two classes, 'bosses' and 'helpers' in a team. If the power struggles are taken off the equation, probably everyone will be equal and simply 'teammates'. But team dynamics as we know is not so simple. I like to use simple […] Read more »