Free Category A PDU for PMI PMP

If you are self-sponsored and need to 'earn' Category A PDU without any additional costs besides time spent learning and associated internet connectivity charges, then look here for R.E.P. sponsored webinars. Of course, do use your Practioner per year to grab some Cat F and other self learning for additional Cat B's if need to, […] Read more »

Detect ARP spoofing using Android (with Busybox)

Posted some stuffs on my G+ (not going to replicate much, so do check it out if interested) that there is a lack of anti-mitm (main-in-the-middle) measures on mobile device e.g. iPhones, Androids etc. There are solutions for infrastructure e.g. port security, IDS/IPS etc and softwares for Windows and Linux (e.g. ArpON). But when it […] Read more »