The start of my tech adventure in Penang

I can't recall the actual dates. It all happened when I learnt of a free blackberry 10 (BB10) cascade workshop late 2012, at USM Penang over the weekends. I do not know anything about BB10 'native' or Cascade until the event. From HTML5 (webworks), I tried working on my TripLogger app using Cascade and QML. It's not a pretty app but it does work.

During the event, introduced myself and met a couple of interesting folks. The organizers and the attendees are a really cool bunch of people, wanting to make tech scene in Penang happening. I do pretty know how it feels here on the island, it's unlike KL / Singapore down south where there's events every week.

There's the S40 nokia workshop held in January 2013, just a couple of days ago. It again brought back familiar faces. Ideas was shared, pitched and final products still work in progress for submission to a 'challenge'.

Finally, there's the TE4P ("Tech Events 4 Penang") meetup held last Thursday, Awesome event. Google business group managers, startups and developers were there. Ideas were shared and networks established.

All in all, the events centered around mobile application development and startups. My wishlist is to have sessions on the Cloud, Information Security, Ethics and Project Management besides the other non-IT topics like where to go to for resources etc (fivver, elancer, freelancer, odesk etc).

I do look forward to more of such events in Penang. Connections are valuable, not only from the receiving end but also vice versa, like how I can contribute to Penang's emerging tech scene.

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