TripLogger (Blackberry 10 app)

I've just re-submitted TripLogger, a free BB (Blackberry) 10 app to RIM. It's a simple geolocation app that does recording of one's trip from point 'A' to 'B' and then let you export the trip's record to Google Map (html file) and KML.

It was rejected for 2 reasons. One, the button to start recording the trip was 'squashed' when the phone is held in landscape view. Solved as per RIM's advice to disable landscape use. Two, the app did not work, that is it did not record their trip. I've tested and it does work. Problem is on my dev alpha device, it took randomly long time to get the initial GPS fix whether cell/network/satellite. I've no idea how to fix this, suspect it could be the hardware problem. Asked from NoMAD's member for another dev alpha device to verify.

If the app's approved by RIM, I will share the URL to the free app. Am not going to spend time and effort working on any BB10 app. Rather focus on Android.

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