TripLogger (BlackBerry 10) :: Changelog
1. Fixes for Q10 and Q5 to use Settings. Previously unable to change certain options due to the actionbar. Use BB10's swipe (right) to close the Settings.
2. Added non-satellite option (e.g. wifi) for faster but rough tracking. Very useful for indoors/poor GPS situations.
1. Added estimated Distance (kilometers/KM) to History Details view. Slight performance lag expected due to the calculations, but not a lot of impact.
1. Added GPX export. This is useful for import into Google Maps and any other tracking software using same file format.
*Altitude is zero if the position information does not contain altitude when the device cannot grab a fix to the satellite and thus fall back on cell tower information. To achieve "100%" record of altitude, use GPS recording mode and be in an 'open' outdoor location to ensure a fix.
1. Added active frame. Minimize app to view 30 seconds stats update during a trip.
2. Added Live Compass bearing to mapview in main screen and a toggle to on/off it. Updated every 10 seconds. Off it if you wish to pan around, else it will center automatically ('X' marks your spot).
*Live Compass is automatically toggled off and on when app is minimized and resumed to foreground respectively. Use Live Compass on-demand to get a feel of your device's location, turn it off when not in use to preserve battery.

Here's a couple of screenshots...(click to view in full)
Active Frame

Main screen
1) Added (bug in 10.0 OS that killed mapview when device orientation is changed, does not affect the trip. Upgrade to 10.1 if possible): Using Cascade mapview in the main screen to show the current location with an 'X'.
*If the location is very far off, it means that the device has yet got a good fix (starting a trip will mostly result in inaccurate recording).
Please try:
1. Stay outdoor under unobstructed sky for a little longer.
2. Check device's location settings is enabled.
3. Check TripLogger's application permission is granted.
See tips if in doubt of where the settings are.
1) Fixed: Google map not showing on 10.1.X OS due to network issue and '3mm' height display. Tested working with 10.0.X. This bug was reported to me by a couple of users on 10.1.X OS weeks ago but because I was using the 10.0.9 OS all these while until now, I wasn't able to catch this issue. I've fixed it and hopefully Google Map is now showing up on the phone (Z10 and Q10) for everyone.
1) New (Preview): Record a trip and share your secret link to your friends and family members to view your movements, 'live!' using any web browsers. No extra software required. The map is hosted on my server in the cloud. You need to enable this feature from the Settings, it's disabled by default, and information is not transmitted over the internet if not enabled. View is updated as and when there is updates every 20 seconds.
2) New: "read_device_identifying_information" permission sought. Required for SHARE LIVE feature to work. It reads your pin, cryptohash it (so it becomes 'garbage' characters) and then applied as part of the link that is shared with your viewers.
*Privacy Policy is updated.
1) New (Preview): Record a trip using photos/camera. It's like 'checking in' but not sending data to 3rd party services or social network. Lots more coming up e.g. integration with Maps.
2) New: Tag individual details item. Give a name to each event (hope you do not have to rename hundreds/thousands each time) to have a meaning. Name must be unique. -
1) New: Custom recording interval. Minimum value is 1 (second). Maximum, up to you.
2) Fixed: Crashes without Internet and other performance related issues.
3) New: Share KML and HTML to other BB10 applications.
4) New: Rename trips. For recording-in-progress trip, the change will not update that reflected in main screen until recording is complete (does not affect the recording ability).
5) New: Prompt if try to close app, prevent accidental app closure.
6) New: Shows total trip distance in Google Map view.
7) New: Prompt and status to show if there's Internet connectivity before showing Google Map view.