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I'm a fan of Google Latitude. It (on Nexus One and S) helps me to track my movement throughout the day and also let me share my position with my friends. Recently I've started using the z10 (BlackBerry 10) and it does really lack a lot of familiar applications that the Android has. So I have an itch to scratch.

Thinking since I have the TripLogger, why not add a feature to it so that I can share a link to others and they can use any web browser to view where I am at. So version (submitted to the BlackBerry World for approval) has that feature.

How it works? It's very simple actually. TripLogger while collecting the geolocation information from the phone device using native BlackBerry API to do its logging, also does a POST HTTP request to my service every Nth seconds. I can then use TripLogger to share this trip to others who can then open it up and view my 'life!' movement.

What's on the web service? It's a simple PHP backend powered by Slimframework and MongoDb on AWS cloud infrastructure. Slim provides the frontend to interact with HTTP requests (mostly REST interactions) and stores the data into Mongo. The reason I am using Mongo is I can later make use of the geospatial queries that should provide more value to the application unlike normal SQL transactions on MySQL.

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  1. Pavel says:

    Hi. one question about TripLogger for BB Z10.
    is there planned any developement of some statistics?
    – altitude, max/min/graph,
    – speed actual, avarage, graph,
    – …..

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Pavel,

      Sorry I’m now full time employed and not doing app dev. I appreciate your feedback and will add the feature and fix the bugs during one of my vacation days (hopefully soon some day).

      James Tan

  2. Dan says:

    Hi, James –
    I used triplogger yesterday and it’s a nice app – but when displaying the result of the trip it displays km not miles – is this a function of triplogger or something else that I’m missing?

    Congratulations on the full time employment.



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