TripLogger (Taking photos to record journey)

TripLogger is my BlackBerry 10 (aka BB10) app that records and shows you the captures by the GPS on the phone.

The original version is like any other gps application (app) out there, uses gps and cell information to gather latitude and longitude information which then goes into making a trail of the user's movement. Nothing new there.

The latest versions starting from has another way of tracking position information. Similarly it's not new.

Blackberry and a lot of smartphones out there geotag camera taken photographs. Besides the privacy concerns, this provides a rich collection of position data which we can draw upon and 'connect the dots'. So how TripLogger does it this time is to extract from the EXIF information the geotags, insert into the app's database along with timestamp and lets the user view it on the Google Map.

1. Launch TripLogger.
2. Start a 'Pic Trip'.
3. Choose the photos or use the Camera to take. At least 2 photos are required to draw the Google Map. But 1 photo is enough to let you see the position information in the logs.
4. View the data collected in the logs.
5. View the Google map path drawn between the photos. It's just a straight line connection determined by timestamp.

I did a couple of screens if you wish to know how to use this feature when it's out in the BlackBerry World.

The potential of position information on a small but yet powerful device is many, just need the 'spark' to know what to do with it.

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